A Little Introduction Into Me!!

Hello! I am so glad you found my page. My name is Stephanie Brown, and I am a blogger all about health and wellness. I have a history of depression, anorexia nervosa with orthorexic tendencies, and still face anxiety. In today’s society though, this is almost becoming normalized while simultaneously being put down. By sharing my experiences, I hope to build a community and connect others from all over. I believe it is so important and beneficial to your overall physical and mental/spiritual health to eat whole, balanced foods, exercise in the way that makes your body FEEL GOOD- not punishment, and nourishing your soul with positive mantras, deep breathing exercises, journaling, etc.!! If you are into health and wellness, want to become more educated, share similar experiences with me, or need some motivation, you have found your page!! While this may be a small platform right now, that is irrelevant. As long as I can share what I truly love and believe in, that is all that matters to me!! Welcome to this journey with me :)) together we will grow.


  1. Work for what you want, but know when it is time to rest and recharge. Always believe that anything is possible if you set your mind to it and above all, take care of yourself 😊. Feel and recognize whatever emotions come your way.
  2. Listen to your body…intuition is incredible!!!
  3. Change must take place in order to grow.


1. New recipes every 1-2 weeks!!

2. Informative blog posts regarding exercise addiction, eating disorders, distorted body image, coping mechanisms, etc.!

3. Workouts that make you feel good and give all options.


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